Well what a game yesterday against the Mets. Who would have thought it that the Yankees could have just done Johan Santana over like they did. He got rocked and i liked it in a real baseball sense but in a fantasy sense i didnt like it.

How do you like that Mets fans seeing your team be walked over and you scored a big fat goose egg.

What a turn around from the series against the Bosox. They made us look ok but not the awesome team we are.

Andy, what the heck is going on with you now. You were playing well then get rocked by the across the city rivals. Tut tut.

Thank you, thank you AJ for beating the Mets.

Robbie, could you have not played like you are doing this time last year and we would have made the playoffs.

Arod nice to have you back in the team. You were sorely missed.

Cervelli have been a nice addition to the roster this season, he is more of an effective back up to Jorge than Molina.

Come on Yankees beat all the teams in interleague so you can be on a nice roll going on until the All Star break.

God Bless and Lets GO Yankees.



Hey people,

Sorry i haven’t written a blog entry since the end of last season. It’s my bad. Family stuff put things on the back burner.

I haven’t put the thoughts i have on the new signings to the Yankees down yet and the whole Arod saga. Its all old news now, so i don’t think i will revisit them. Another story i have been missing is the whole Manny saga either.

Manny thanks for screwing up one of my fantasy teams for being a total *** and taking illegal drugs.

Well the Dodgers are playing really well so far this season, just hope they can keep it up. I would love them to make it to the World series to face the Yankees.

Come on my Yankees get your ***** together and keep a run going. Pitching please do not let us down.

Congrats to Mr Andy Pettitte and Mr Mariano Rivera for the new record in the closer – starter partnership. Beating the previous record set by Eckersley and Welch.  Here’s to more of the same from Andy and Mo.

You can keep up dated on the race to 500 saves of Mo . On

Mo Rivera 500 save countdown.

I will post more often now that i am back into writing mode.


Lets go Yankees.


Now the LCS’s for both National and American League are now set its going to be interesting to see who is going to make it to the Fall Classic.


As I said yesterday I can’t root for the Phillies as i cant stand any of the Philly teams. Plus it would be great to see Manny walk all over the Phillies. Even though Torre is no longer the Yankees manager i would like to see him win the WS with the Dodgers. Also, it would be great to see Don Mattingly get a WS ring with that club. Donny is one of my all time fave Yankees. I believe the Dodgers pitching is hotter than the Phillies team is.

So my NLCS winner is: Los Angeles Dodgers.

Big shout out to my mate Mikey who is a big Dodger fan and a serving aircraftsman in the RAF.


Ok, eventually the ALCS has been decided after a game 4 in the ALDS series. Now this is not a difficult one for me being a Yankees fan. I hope and pray to god that the Tampa Bay Rays kick some Red Sox butt and beat them. The Rays looks so difficult to beat atm. The starting rotation to me looks strong and the pen is a lot better than the bpsux. The Boston pen looks really weak, has trouble keeping runs or hitters off the base and running the base paths.

I can’t believe that i am going to say this as they are both the divisional rivals

ALCS winner: Tampa Bay Rays.

So i am hoping for what i am going to call it: The Coast to Coast World Series.

My WS winner is the Dodgers.

*disclaimer* my predictions are never really good so play no attention to them. LOL.

Postseason 08 and Yankee Stadium.

Hey sorry, its been so so long since i last made an entry on this blog. I was really pissed off at the Yankees for not making it to the postseason this year. I was really sad on the last game at Yankee Stadium, i couldn’t believe that this was going to be the last game at the old cathedral. The game was a really great game and with Andy Pettitte on the mound and then Mo “The Sandman” Rivera being the last pitcher to close the old stadium was really great. At least the team got the win and who would have thought it that the last ever home run to be hit in the ballpark would have Jose Molina. At the start of the game i said to myself that the last homer would be hit by A-Rod. The closing ceremony at the start of the game was brilliant and with the old timers as well as family of the passed old timers being there was awesome. Also to see Bernie “Burn Bernie Burn” Williams back in the stadium was just brilliant. One of the moments that will stick in my mind was when Willie Randolph was announced, he took to the field and slid into 2nd base, the applause he got was brilliant.

I will miss the old stadium but when Jeter went to the mound and addressed the fans with an amazing speech. Saying that the memories of the old stadium should be taken to the new and to pass the memories down through the generations. It gave me goosebumps and also had me in floods of tears.

I will bleed Yankee blue til my passing and will remember the old stadium with fond memories. Onwards and upwards to the New Yankee Stadium, making new memories to be passed down.

Now onto whats going on in the Postsesason 08. I still cant believe that the Postseason has arrived it only seem like a few weeks since the season started. Now its almost come to an end.

Now that the Yankees are not in the post season i will be following the Dodgers will great interest. I am not one of these glory hunter fans, the Dodgers are my NL team. It was great to see them make it to the NLDS and wipe the floor with the Cubs. For the cubs its going to be now 101 years of hurt. I thought they may have had great chance in the PS but it didnt happen as i thought the stars where in allignment to break the curse.

They going to be facing the freaking Phillies in the NLCS. Sorry Phillies fans i really hope you lose. I just have something against teams from Philly, Eagles and Flyers. YUCK.

As i am typing this i dont know what the ALCS is going to be. So i wont make any comment til its over.

Can i say congratulations to my NFL team in the NY Giants for having a great start to defending their Superbowl crown. 4-0 so far and basically walking over the Seahawks on Sunday afternoon.

As a girl i am asked all the time why i am a baseball fan. I just say i am and i love it. Soccer used to be my number 1 sport but now its baseball all the way.

To end this blog, I would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU. To everyone on for a brilliant postseason show. It’s been invaluable to me here in the UK to keep me up to date with whats happening in games.  So, thank you to all On Air Talent and most importantly to the studio operations crew for putting it together. You all are working hard and long hours for us all and you dont get the pub that you deserve.

Lataz everyone. 

New Feature!

I am adding a new feature to this blog. It’s the Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down awards. I will go through the world of sport, entertainment and anything that i can think of that deserves an award.

So here is the first of those awards. I will dish 5 out a week.

Here is the Thumbs UP awards of the week.

Thumbs Up.jpgMichael Phelps in the swimming at the Olympics.  He was just totally awesome making him the most successful Olympian ever.

Great Britain’s men’s team sprint trio beating France in the sprint. Setting a new world record in the qualifying rounds. It was great to get one over the froggies.

The US basketball team for a great game against Greece in the Olympics.

I don’t know if i should put this in as  Thumbs up or  Thumbs Down. Madonna reaching 50 and still married to Guy Ritchie.

You decide?

Paris Hilton being sued for not promoting a movie she starred in. I dislike that girl. Mommy and Daddy will pay no doubt.

OK, thats my first lot of Thumbs Up awards.

Here is the first lot Thumbs Down awards.

The Chinese police for arresting a British journalist covering a Free Tibet protest.

The weather in China for messing up the Olympics. Rain, Rain go away and comeback another day.

The Yankees pitching and offence at the moment for being so horrible. I am trying to stay calm about the situation but i am really mad.

Selfish one here, my fantasy teams all sucking.

The Olympic controversy over the Chinese gymnasts ages.

Chinese Gymnast controversy.

First batch done and dusted. Just wait and see what i come up with the next time.


I am having to eat my own crow after Sidney Ponson pitched a good game last night. Pitching 6.1 innings only giving up 3 earned runs, getting out of a jam in 1st and 2nd innings. Sidney you were the saving grace last night to stop the slide on the 10 day road trip. My hat if i was wearing one goes off to you too going back to the club that released you and pitching a good game.

It was a worrying time at the bottom of the 2nd, after Abreu throw from the left field to home to get out David Murphy. Abreu made an amazing throw to home plate to Pudge to get Murphy out at home, Pudge caught the throw he blocked the plate, Murphy ran straight into Pudge and basically both players collided. Both players banged knees together in the collision and it had them laid out on the field in agony. It looked a really bad accident and i was pray thing this wasn’t another injury to a Yankee after the Joba to the 15 DL. Luckly both players got up and walked away. Pudge was removed from the game to be replaced by Jose Molina who had a really good game last night. Molina went 4-4, 1 R and 2 hits for the night.

Sadly, for David Murphy he is headed to the DL for 4-6 weeks with a strained posterior cruciate ligament in his right knee. So it looks like he is out now for the season. As for Pudge in the ESPN broadcast they say its just a bruised knee, lucky he was wearing his padding or it could hve been so much worse.

Giambi keep the ‘stach off you have been playing better since you got rid of the horrible facial hair.

Next up: Moose v Feldman. Lets go Moose.

To end this thing i am going to go off on a bit of rant at Rick Sutcliffe. I usually agree with most of what he says when he is analyzing a gamem but last night wasn’t one of those games. Rick mentioned the Joba injury over and over again, which was infuriating whilst trying to watch the game. He kept on about he is 100% sure when Joba comes back to the team after the 15 day DL then rehab stint he will come back to the pen and will be there next season too. I kept shouting at the screen “Shut up Rick, you don’t know what you are talking about.” Hank and Hal want him in the starting rotation and that is where i see him being for his entire career in the majors. Rick, please don’t talk about stuff that you don’t know anything about.


I am not meaning the Scottish band Texas led by Sharleen Spiteri. I am mean the Texas Rangers.

What the hell is going on with this club and not being able to pitch. Firstly Joba getting pulled due to a shoulder problem. Now he is going to Dr Andrews after the MRI. Pettitte just couldnt pull it off either.

Next up is Ponson going back to the club that released him. Just hope he can pull through to get the win to stop the slide. I am not holding out much hope but hope is all i got.

I am beginning to believe that this is all my own fault the Yankees losing. I went to the Glasgow Rangers and Liverpool soccer match on Saturday. Liverpool is 50% owned by Tom Hicks the Texas Rangers owner and 50% owned George Gillet the Habs owner. As a Liverpool fan and a Glasgow Rangers fan i couldnt decided who i wanted to win. A draw would have been nice not a 4-0 thrashing by Liverpool. So i am beginning to believe that if i wasnt a fan of one of Hicks teams this might not have happened .

So if you want to blame someone blame me I can take it.

Come on Yankees lets do this, take down the Red sox as well as the pesky Rays.